Bridging the Gap: My Last Fans Post

To bridge the gap from my old blog to my new blog, I will post the last entry of my old blog to this blog. This post was written on June 20. It was about when Katy Perry wore a jersey of the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins during her concert at TD Garden on June 18, 2011: the same day the Bruins held their rolling rally on the streets of Beantown on Duck boats. Here’s what I wrote:

June 18, 2011: It was a day Boston Bruins fans will never forget. After 39 years, The Hub of Hockey held a rolling rally where the city and its fans can celebrate. They packed the streets from the North End all the way to Copley and the Back Bay to see their team ride duck boats and celebrate their 6th Stanley Cup championship. That part you know. That part everybody knows. But I’ve got a story you probably don’t know. It happened hours after the Bruins players left TD Garden. There was a crowd at TD Garden, but it wasn’t for a sporting event. It was for a Katy Perry concert. As a surprise to the crowd, Katy Perry came out on stage wearing a vintage Cam Neely jersey for her encore…but wait, that’s not all. With the exception of her back-up singers, the band was also wearing Bruins jerseys.Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

(Video courtesy of YouTube member sara9161)

Author’s Note: The Bruins jerseys were paid for by the management of TD Garden, and the jersey Katy Perry wore on stage was a gift from Bruins President Cam Neely given to her by his daughter Ava, according to OK! Magazine.

This is just a taste of what I will write here. Like I said in the description, if it relates to hockey and if it relates to pop culture, I’ve got it.



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