Blackhawks TV and YouTube Sensation Joey the Junior Reporter Makes Huge Splash During All-Star Weekend in Ottawa

As the 2012 NHL All-Star Weekend draws to a close in Canada’s national capital, the big stars were the players, but a bigger star from my neck of the woods was Twitter fodder.

It all started during the 2010 Christmas season. For an episode of Blackhawks TV, Blackhawks media relations decided to let a 5-year-old kid named Joey interview the team after practice at the Blackhawks’ dressing room. The result became a YouTube hit.

For the sequel, let’s just say it was beautiful.

The 5-year old YouTube sensation became an instant celebrity, with praises coming from TSN NHL insider Bob McKenzie. At last year’s Blackhawks Convention, Joey introduced some of “Chicago’s Most Wanted” to the faithful wearing their favorite Indian Head sweaters. The ovation nearly rivaled the anthem at the United Center. So it was no surprise that the people at the NHL Network decided to make Joey a special guest correspondent during the All-Star Weekend. When these two videos were first shown on NHL Nework, twitter nearly blew up. He asked NHL Network correspondent Heidi Androl to a steak dinner Thursday night, and then hours later, hung out with TSN correspondent Alyonka Larionov during All-Star Media Day! I’m telling you, if this doesn’t melt your heart like kisses from cute puppies, please comment me on the button below.


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