Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Photos from the 2011-2012 Season

In the 2011-2012 NHL season, the Chicago Blackhawks were looking to rebound after a sub-par season. However, the fans in Chicago didn’t know that this team was in a division of death. Simply put, they were in the toughest division in the NHL. With teams like the Detroit Red Wings, the Nashville Predators, and the St. Louis Blues in the same division as you, it’s like being in a horse race AND a shark tank at the same time. When the competition is as tight as this, you needed support; not just from the team itself, but the 21,000+ fans that pack the U.C. for 41 games, too. The Ice Crew expanded to its biggest lineup yet this season: 16 women, 7 of them were first-year rookies. Throughout this season, they witnessed memorable moments. They experienced the fourth-best home record in the NHL (27-8-6). They experienced a franchise record 190th straight sold-out game at the United Center (and counting).  They even experienced Viktor Stalberg’s first career NHL hat trick. With a 100+ point season for the third time in four years. and a 4th straight playoff appearance in tow, it went all for naught as the Phoenix Coyotes ousted the Hawks in 6 games. Alas, such a great season ended in a disappointing fashion. And now, here’s some photos from the 2011-2012 regular season.




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