Meet the 2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew

In a perfect world, there would be two new banners next to the 11 Laker Championship Banners at Staples Center, I would’ve posted the first 2 editions of “Coach’s Corner” from Hockey Night in Canada, and the Blackhawks would’ve beaten the Rick Nash-less Columbus Blue Jackets in front of a sold-out crowd at the United Center. Unfortunately, the arenas are silent, there’s no ice, and the NHL and the Players’ Association STILL haven’t made a deal for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement; one, in my opinion should be LONG-TERM. Apparently, this picture says it all.

I mean,  this past Tuesday night would’ve been the first of 20 Hockey Night in Chicago Roadwatches at a Chicagoland-area Tilted Kilt, Tommy Nevins’ or Chammps, as the Blackhawks took on the Winnipeg Jets in their only meeting of the season. It would’ve been the Blackhawks’ first game in the ‘Peg since February 23, 1996, when Dallas Drake scored the only goal in a 1-0 overtime loss at the Ol’ Barn on Maroons Road. Last night would’ve been the Blackhawks’ first look at the Gabriel Landeskog-led Avalanche and tomorrow night would’ve been the first of six matchups against the Nick Lidstrom-less Detroit Red Wings, one that would get my, and hopefully your, money’s worth. I understand how hard it is to broker a new Collective Bargaining Agreement: you want what’s fair for both the owners and the players. You put an ultimatum in there, and Gary Bettman’s gonna be like Powers Boothe in “Sudden Death”, threatening to cancel games while money is being transferred into a Swiss bank account.

But that’s enough of my ranting about the lockout. But in a perfect world, you would’ve seen me post pictures of the Blackhawk players’ red carpet arrival from last Saturday night, and most importantly, pictures of the 2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew from that same night and the roadwatch from wherever from Tuesday. In my last post, which was posted 3 months ago, you took a look at what happened at the tryouts. Well, 16 women compromise this year’s Ice Crew, with most of last season’s squad returning this season.

There are only 4 rookies in this year’s squad: Julianna, Kelsey, Kristy, and Tara. Andie, Trina, Kayla, and Megan return for their 2nd season, Elyse, Kelly, Laura S., Marissa, and Molly return for their 3rd season, Becky and Laura W. return for their 4th season, and Ice Crew captain Talia returns for her 5th season with the squad.

If this season is cancelled, this might be the only Blackhawks Ice Crew post I’ll put up this season, which would be a pretty darned shame. I just really hope we have an NHL hockey season…otherwise, this could potentially be the last post I’ll put up for a while.



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