“Harlem Shake” fever hits the NHL

Six months ago, a song by South Korean K-Pop sensation Psy spread across the world like a wildfire. That was the phenomenon known as Gangnam Style. This past month, the phenomenon smoldered out, and another phenomenon started to spread like what Gangnam Style did half-a-year ago just last week. This phenomenon is known as the Harlem Shake. The structure of a Harlem Shake video is as follows: The 30-second video begins with one person (in this case, the mascot) dancing alone to the Baauer song “Harlem Shake”. Then when the line “and do the Harlem Shake” drops, all mayhem lets loose as everyone is goofing around for the rest of the video. The first NHL team to do a Harlem Shake video was the Columbus Blue Jackets:

Then, the Dallas Stars performed a “live-action” version of the Harlem Shake:

After the Blue Jackets and Stars released their versions of the viral video, the LA Kings did their own Harlem Shake video:

Yesterday, the Phoenix Coyotes released their version of the Harlem Shake.

The Montreal Canadiens just released their Harlem Shake video last night. Here’s what it looks like…


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