Behind the “Because It’s The Cup” Campaign for the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Now that the trade deadline has come and passed, it’s time for hockey’s stretch run. The race to make the playoffs is on, and with it comes the anticipated ad campaign for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. For the second straight year, the NHL’s tagline for the Stanley Cup Playoffs is “Because It’s The Cup.” But this year’s campaign is dynamically different that last year’s “Because It’s The Cup” campaign. The transition from the “History Will Be Made” campaign used during the 2010 & 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs to the “Because It’s The Cup” campaign last year was like fitting into a new pair of shoes; fans were used to the “History Will Be Made” ads, but with a different change of direction the “Because It’s The Cup” ads were aimed toward at (primarily the casual viewer), some fans were not used to it. So to appease the “die-hard” hockey fans, localized ads were used to bring the feel of the “History Will Be Made” campaign into the “Because It’s The Cup” campaign. This year’s “Because It’s The Cup” campaign combines the campaigns used in the last two seasons. In the first two of five ads to be released throughout the next two months premiered Monday. “First Kiss” shows NHL players doing whatever it takes to win the Stanley Cup. “Get Weird” shows the fanatical side of hockey’s already excitable fans, including SuperHabs costumes Paul MacLean’s doppelgänger, Vancouver’s Green Men, Panthers fans tossing rats onto the ice, and multitudes of fans hoisting tinfoil and mini-versions the Stanley Cup. Both ads end with “It’s time……Because It’s The Cup.” The addendum “It’s Time” mimics the “History” used in the 2011 “History Will Be Made” campaign. And like last year for the fans in the United States, every game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs will be seen on NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC, and the NHL Network. And now, without further ado, here’s the first two “Because It’s The Cup” ads for the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

On Monday April 15, the third ad, entitled “Characters”, premiered.

On Thursday April 25, the fourth ad, “One Up”, premiered, featuring a remix of the classic instrumental “Dueling Banjos”.

The fifth and final ad, “Ding, Ding” premiered on April 30.



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