Bruins Aid Healing In Wake of Boston Marathon Bombing

Yesterday’s Bruins-Sabres game was the first major sports event in Boston since Monday’s tragic event at the Boston Marathon in which 3 people were killed and nearly 200 others were injured. Over the past 72 hour since the bombings, the NHL, its teams, and its players united with the city of Boston in moments of silence and moments of patriotism. Before the game, Rene Rancourt performed the national anthem, not accompanied by TD Garden organist Ron Poster, but by the #BostonStrong Garden crowd of 17,565 in a moment of poignant resonance.

And even though the Bruins lost in a shootout, both teams saluted the #BostonStrong Garden crowd after the game.

Three days later, after Boston went on lockdown, the suspect was  finally taken to custody, and a city rejoiced in heroism and pure relief. And like the previous game,the #BostonStrong Garden crowd of 17,565 sang the anthem as one, not in the somber tone of tragedy, but in a resounding tone of triumph that we will not be deterred by the last five days. We are Boston, we will prevail, and we will run again.



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