Get to Know the Venue: Yankee Stadium

This is the house that George Steinbrenner built; a modern-day stadium honoring the rich history of baseball’s greatest franchise, and on Sunday afternoon and Wednesday night, Metro New York’s three NHL teams; the Islanders, Rangers, and Devils; will play on a rink atop the field where Derek Jeter normally patrols. Yankee Stadium was built across the street from where the original Yankee Stadium stood. Ground for the stadium was broken August 16, 2006 on the site of Macombs Dam Park. With a price tag of $1.5 Billion, Yankee Stadium would turn out to be the most expensive ballpark ever built. The outside of the stadium was built in the similar fashion of the original Yankee Stadium facade. The seating bowl features wrap-around seating from foul pole to foul pole. and the stadium’s lights sit atop the iconic frieze. Monument Park sits in centerfield, and the stadium’s field dimensions are exactly similar to the original Yankee Stadium, which mostly favors left-handed hitters. Next to Monument Park is the Yankees’ bullpen, a place where future Hall-of-Famer Mariano Rivera warmed up to close games. The first regular season game was held April 16, 2009, and in the first year of operation, the Yankees would go on to win their unprecedented 27th World Series Championship. In Yankee Stadium’s second year of operation, football games were held here, beginning with a matchup between Notre Dame and Army. The last event to be held here before the two Stadium Series games was the annual Pinstripe Bowl. Yankee Stadium is a year-round attraction, with a Hard Rock Cafe and a steakhouse built next to the team store. This building, built on the corner of 161st St. and River Ave. was built on pride, prestige, and tradition. History will continue to be made here for generations to come, but these two games are a testament to the same pride, prestige, and tradition that helped shape the intertwining rivalries between Metro New York’s three NHL teams.



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