NBC Sports Group’s “Push for the Playoffs”: 22 Games in 15 Days to Conclude 2013-14 NHL Regular Season

Starting with this Sunday’s Bruins-Flyers game, the NBC Sports Group will once again present the Push for the Playoffs: 22 games in the span of 15 days to conclude the NHL regular season. All of the games will feature teams that are in playoff contention. Most of these games will either be an originally-produced national broadcast or a simulcast from a feed of a NBC Sports regional network (Comcast SportsNet). Here’s what you’ll see on either NBC or NBCSN over the next two weeks (all games ET):

Sunday, March 30
Boston Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers, 12:30 p.m., NBC
Chicago Blackhawks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, 7:30 p.m., NBCSN

Monday, March 31
Florida Panthers vs. New Jersey Devils, 7:30 p.m., NBCSN
Minnesota Wild vs. Los Angeles Kings, 10 p.m., NBCSN

Tuesday, April 1
Philadelphia Flyers vs. St. Louis Blues, 8 p.m., NBCSN

Wednesday, April 2
WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIVALRY: Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings, 8 p.m., NBCSN
Phoenix Coyotes vs. Los Angeles Kings, 10:30 p.m., NBCSN

Thursday, April 3
Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks, 8 p.m., NBCSN
Los Angeles Kings vs. San Jose Sharks, 10:30 p.m., NBCSN

Friday, April 4
Washington Capitals vs. New Jersey Devils, 7:30 p.m., NBCSN

Sunday, April 6
St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks, 12:30 p.m., NBC
Buffalo Sabres vs. Philadelphia Flyers, 7:30 p.m., NBCSN

Tuesday, April 8
Washington Capitals vs. St. Louis Blues, 8 p.m., NBCSN

Wednesday, April 9
WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIVALRY: Detroit Red Wings vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, 8 p.m., NBCSN
San Jose Sharks vs. Anaheim Ducks, 10:30 p.m., NBCSN

Thursday, April 10
St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild, 8 p.m., NBCSN

Friday, April 11
Chicago Blackhawks vs. Washington Capitals, 7 p.m., NBCSN
Colorado Avalanche vs. San Jose Sharks, 10 p.m., NBCSN

Saturday, April 12
Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins, 3 p.m., NBC
Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville Predators, 8 p.m., NBCSN

Sunday, April 13
St. Louis Blues vs. Detroit Red Wings, 12:30 p.m., NBC
Dallas Stars vs. Phoenix Coyotes, 9 p.m., NBCSN

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