Pay Up, Youppi! Canadiens Mascot Fulfills Bet With Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon

This year’s Conference Finals turned out to be a battle of prop bets between teams, fans, and even mascots. In the Western Conference Final, the Chicago Blackhawks have to donate a signed Jonathan Toews jersey to the Los Angeles Kings to auction off for the Kings Care foundation and a pizza (most likely a DiGiorno). Blackhawks fan and former wrestler CM Punk will now have to wear a Kings jersey at the United Center for the next game he attends to fulfill the bet he had with Bailey, the LA Kings mascot.

And in the Eastern Conference Final, The Montreal Canadiens and their mascot Youppi! had to fulfill the bet set by “Tonight Show” host and avid New York Ranger fan Jimmy Fallon. The first thing the Habs did was change their Twitter profile picture to a photo of Fallon’s choice: a picture of Henrik Lundqvist playing Guns n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” when he appeared on “Late Night” last year.

Then the Habs took 10 pictures of Youppi! around Montreal wearing a Rangers jersey with Jimmy Fallon’s name on the back.

So what is the lesson in all of this? We all want to win, but if there’s a better team than yours, you just have to eat your slice of humble pie and admit that the better team won.


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