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Off the Ice: Cold Showers for a Good Cause — the Ice Bucket Challenge

Over the past few weeks, a lot of people have decided to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Vine themselves taking the Ice Bucket Challenge. What is the Ice Bucket Challenge? Think about it as a chain letter for a good cause. The Ice Bucket Challenge began a few years ago when former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis — ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Together with fellow ALS patient Pat Quinn, who inspired the charity Quinn For The Win, the pair began to challenge their social networks to take the plunge in late July. Here are the rules of the Ice Bucket Challenge:

  1. Once challenged, you have exactly 24 hours to either accept the challenge or to donate $100 to any charity benefiting ALS research.
  2. If you accept the challenge, go ahead and fill up a nice big bucket of ice water. (The colder, the better.)
  3. Grab a friend to record you on a phone or camera. (Your video should mention Strike Out ALS for Pete Frates, Quinn For The Win or Ice Bucket Challenge.)
  4. Pour the bucket of ice water on your head. (Pro tip: Have some towels handy.)
  5. Post the video on social media attached with #StrikeOutALS, #QuinnForTheWin or #IceBucketChallenge. Then, call out three (or more) friends who you challenge to do it next.

You see, people with ALS have trouble sensing hot and cold, and therefore have trouble regulating their body temperature. The shocking, tingling feeling you get when you dump the bucket of water over your head is something that people with ALS cannot experience. Since the challenge was issued seven months ago, more than $200 million has been raised for ALS research. And whether you accept or forego the challenge, people are donating to the cause, especially NHL players and coaches. I cannot post any examples, because there are too many to show. However, this link shows numerous NHL players taking the Ice Bucket Challenge that have been posted on Twitter:


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