NBC’s 2015 NHL Winter Classic Commercial: It’s All About Washington

We are oficially four weeks away from the 2015 NHL Winter Classic, and when NBC usually does a commercial promoting the Winter Classic, the ad focuses primarily on either the venue (Wrigley Field [2009], Michigan Stadium [2014]), the rivalry (Crosby vs. Ovechkin [2011], Broadway vs. Broad Street [2012]), or the element of outdoor hockey (2008, 2010). In the commercial promoting the 2015 NHL Winter Classic, the main focus was Washington, D.C. itself.

Interspersed between visuals of moments from Winter Classics past and icons of Washington in the winter; the United States Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial amidst the frozen Tidal Basin, and the Washington Monument as the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool freezes over in the winter cold, are lines from previous Presidential Inaugural speeches.

We observe today…a celebration of freedom

— John F. Kennedy, 1961

Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength.

— Ronald Reagan, 1981

…Let us brave once more the icy currents, and endure what storms may come.

— Barack Obama, 2009

Sure, the 2015 NHL Winter Classic may not have an iconic venue as host (Nationals Park opened in 2008), or a truly-defined rivalry (the Blackhawks and Capitals only meet twice a season), but in the middle of winter, in the national capital of the United States of America, the tradition of outdoor hockey on the first day of the new year continues.



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