300 (Consecutive Sellouts)

300: it’s more than a number. It’s the perfect score in a game of ten-pin bowling. It’s also the number of Spartan hoplites led by King Leonidas who perished in the Battle of Thermopylae. By the time the Chicago Blackhawks face the Dallas Stars on tonight, the Hawks would reach another historic milestone: the 300th consecutive sold-out game at the United Center. In the previous 299 games (which include playoff games), the Hawks have a combined 201-70-28 record when playing at the Madhouse on Madison since the sellout streak began on March 30, 2008. The streak is currently the second-longest active sellout streak in the NHL right behind the 358 of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In the previous 299 sellouts, 6,476,077 people have walked through the UC’s entrance gates. That’s an average of 21,659/game: the most of any team in the NHL over the last seven seasons.The Blackhawks have outscored their opponents 965-716 during the streak. (That’s a goal differential of +249!) Out of those 201 wins during the streak, 30 of those games had a game-winning overtime goal scored in overtime for the home team. (Patrick Sharp has 6; Brent Seabrook has 4; Marian Hossa has 3; Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane each have 2, with the latter scoring both in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.)



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