2015 Stanley Cup Final Commercial – “Name”

When you come into this world, the first thing you’re given is a name.

You spend your life making it into something.

It’s how you‘ve come to be known.

It’s how you‘re introduced, and as time goes on, it earns a reputation.

Your name becomes your signature and has often made greater by the company it keeps.

And for some, a name begins stories. It bonds generations. Even feeds rivalries.

It can demand immediate respect and inspire unconditional love until, ultimately, your name can become how you’re remembered.

And once it’s engraved, it will never be forgotten.

After a one year hiatus, the NHL released a commercial to promote the 2015 Stanley Cup Final during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final. Narrated by the voice of HBO Sports, actor Liev Schreiber, the one minute ad details on when you win the Stanley Cup, your name permanently goes on one of the greatest trophies in sports. And this Wednesday night, the Eastern Conference Champion Tampa Bay Lightning and the Western Conference Champion Chicago Blackhawks will battle for hockey’s ultimate prize. Will Lord Stanley go South for the first time in eleven years, or will the Blackhawks officially affirm themselves as a modern-day hockey dynasty by winning their third Stanley Cup Championship in the last six years? Stay tuned, because I will give my official prediction Tuesday.


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