Countdown to the 2016 NHL Winter Classic: 2 Days

If you took a look at the previous event logos for the NHL Winter Classic, there were some icons that gave the event its signature touch.

  • 2009: the Wrigley Field marquee
  • 2010: a Boston post light frozen amidst the exterior of Fenway Park
  • 2011: the Fort Pitt Bridge and the frozen banks of the Monongahela River
  • 2012: the Liberty Bell
  • 2014: Michigan Stadium aka The Big House
  • 2015: the United States Capitol building

What did Fanbrandz, the creator of the event logos for the Winter Classic, do to create the event logo for the 2016 NHL Winter Classic? Well, Foxborough doesn’t have a significant icon other than Gillette Stadium itself, so they expanded the idea to cover the entire New England region. And therein lies the inspiration. Across the entire region are wood-carved signs. These are signs crafted by woodworking artisans. Signs that pilgrims crafted when they came across the Atlantic from the English Commonwealth in the 1600s to identify a home or a place of business. The ice blue border melds well with the navy blue interior and mahogany accents at the top of the sign. As an homage to the stadium, the bridge at the north end zone of Gillette Stadium is on the logo.

To see more on how the 2016 NHL Winter Classic logo was created, click here.

For the final part of the countdown to the 2016 NHL Winter Classic, I will be talking about the New England End Zone Militia. Stay tuned on Thursday for the grand finale!



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