Off the Ice: 30 Years of “One Shining Moment”

The ball is tipped
And there you are
You’re running for your life
You’re a shooting star

Does that opening stanza sound familiar?

Last night marked the final game of the 2016 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship. Colloquially known as March Madness, this is the only time of the year where most of us play prognosticator and predict who will be National Champions. Since 1982, CBS Sports has been the exclusive broadcast rightsholder to the tournament, which includes the reveal of the bracket known as “The Selection Show.”.For the last 5 years, CBS and Turner Sports has joint-produced every game of the tournament. One of the signature moments of the tournament is a montage of tournament highlights to the song, One Shining Moment. The song, written by musician David Barrett in 1986, was originally supposed to air during the close of CBS’s coverage of Super Bowl XXI in 1987. Since the game lasted longer than its original time slot. the closing montage was cut. However, HBO Sports journalist Armen Keteyian, one of Barrett’s friends who was working for Sports Illustrated at the time, convinced CBS Sports Creative Director Doug Towey to play the song after the 1987 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game. since then, it has been considered an annual tradition, much like the Masters the weekend after. The song has been covered numerous times; first by R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass in 1994, and later by actress/singer Jennifer Hudson in 2010. The current version was performed by R&B legend Luther Vandross in 2003, and was the last song he recorded before his untimely death that same year. This year marked the 30th year of the song, and as part of their agreement with the NCAA, aired the song during the broadcast of the National Championship game for the first time on TBS. And to a generation of kids who grew upand wanted to play basketball in college the last 40 years, the goal was to make it to the Final Four, win the National Championship, cut down the nets, and watch themselves, during the montage to see how far they went to become the champions they became. The first video shows how One Shining Moment came to be the anthem of the tournament, followed by montages in chronological order:


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