ICYMI: Toronto Maple Leafs Officially Retire Honored Numbers

For the longest time, the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club had a policy that if a number was to be retired, it had to be in the wake of a tragic event (Irvine “Ace: Bailey suffering a career-ending in-game injury, or Bill Barilko perishing in a plane crash) In 1993, the Leafs honored the players with a banner at Maple Leaf Gardens/Air Canada Centre, but kept the number that they wore in circulation so that future Leaf players can wear that number. This policy made the fans believe that if other players wear an honored number, it would tarnish the legacy of the number they wore. That all changed Saturday night when the 16 numbers that have been HONORED in the past 25 years officially became RETIRED numbers, never to be worn by another Leaf again. Also, the greatest Toronto Maple Leaf, Dave Keon. officially had his number #14 retired by the Leafs organization to conclude a 25-minute pregame ceremony to commemorate the hone opener of the centennial celebration of the Toronto Maple Leafs. In case you missed it, here’s the entire ceremony courtesy of Sportsnet.

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