Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew Photos from the 2016-17 Season

Now a lot of you were wondering, why wasn’t there any pictures of the Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew from during the season? Well, I had to wait until AFTER the season ended to complete this entry. But after the Blackhawks were stunningly swept out in four straight games by the Nashville Predators in the First Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Thursday night, I felt now would be the appropriate time to share this retrospective with you. This past season’s Ice Crew consisted of a record 21 women. Alyssa, Christine, Jacqueline, Kate, Liz, and Sara comprised the 2016-17 rookie class; Cindy, Erin, Jay, and Katie returned for their second season; Elaina, Hailey, and Molly returned for their third season; Angela, Dana, Lauren, Marissa, Yvonne, and twin sisters Jackie and Nicky returned for their fourth season; and the longest-tenured member, Julianna, returned four her fifth season. Once again, these pictures below compromise a scrapbook of what happened both on and off the United Center ice this past season. I hope you enjoy this retrospective.



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